Attendance Justification Center

Want to attend Data Center World but need a little help convincing your boss to let you go? You're in luck! Here's 3 easy steps to get approved to attend and to report on what you learned at Data Center World.

Step 1: Get Approved To Attend Data Center World

Customize the Attendance Justification Letter to show your boss the value you'll receive from attending Data Center World. It provides a summary of Data Center World, showcases what you'll learn, and provides an estimate of the costs involved.
Download the Attendance Justification Letter

Tips on Gaining Approval To Attend:

  • Volunteer to share a short presentation or host a Q&A session for your colleagues to share what you learned.
  • Let your manager know that you will have access to all session handouts and recordings to share with your colleagues upon your return.
  • Note the many networking opportunities to network the conference provides and assure your boss that you’ll discover companies that may prove helpful for future business.
  • Offer to create a post-conference report that includes next steps to take advantage of what you learned during the educational sessions and companies to follow-up with that you met in the exhibit hall.
  • Be enthusiastic & confident about your request to attend... your boss will be more likely to agree that attending will benefit your company.
  • Focus on the specific skills and experiences you'll gain that you can put into immediate action.

Step 2: Write down what you learned during the conference

Use this Post-Conference Report to easily note what you've learned and how this will benefit your company. Take your notes on this report during the conference and then present it to your boss after you return to the office. This customizable report makes it easy to prove the value you received from attending.
Download the Post-Conference Report

Step 3: Share what you've learned at Data Center World

After the conference ends, you'll receive a Personalized Attendance Certificate showing all of the educational sessions and networking events you attended at Data Center World. You can present this certificate and your Post-Conference Report to show what you've experienced and learned at Data Center World.