Digital Natives in the Data Center: Managing Millennials

  • Tuesday, 03/13/2018: 9:10 AM - 10:10 AM
  • Room: 006AB
  • Session Number:  PD2


The disruptive presence of millennials in the workforce, and the subsequent adjustments required in traditional management style can offer a unique opportunity for data center and cloud providers. For example, the first generation to grow up with the expectation of constant connectivity, Millennials can be stewards of high expectations and uptime. Typically more comfortable with change than Xers or Boomers, Millennials also can provide your organization with a fresh perspective on processes, and, when mentored and managed correctly, they can become excellent advocates for modernization, efficiency, and performance-based workplaces. The confidence Millennials bring in their ability to be successful can make them ideal candidates to tackle persistent problems that others in the organization may have simply accepted. Finally, smart organizations will strive to appreciate and understand Millennials: many are entering their mid-30s--this group is poised to become the next IT buyer.


Now that millennials have become as ubiquitous in the workplace as internet, how can managers ensure the first generation of digital natives both fits into the business and is poised to be successful?

Learning Objectives

In this presentation, we will cover:
- Leveraging Millennial expectations, like consistent, high-quality connectivity to inform the culture of the data center and enhance the customer experience
- Case studies for managing Millennials, including adjustments in management style to be more dynamic, and more respectful of Millennial culture
- Strategies to ensure Millennials are productive, including evaluating if your other employees are as productive as you had thought

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Shawn Mills

President & CEO
Green House Data