Upgrade to an All Access Pass to attend one of these three in-depth workshops

Don't miss out! All Access Pass holders get exclusive access to a workshop plus other VIP benefits! Data Center World workshops are 3.5 hour interactive, educational sessions that take a deep-dive into a topic that is of current importance to the data center industry. Workshops include in-depth discussions and hands-on activities for an engaging and immersive experience. Workshop attendees will leave with practical experience as well as tools, plans, and checklists to implement their new knowledge into their organization immediately. All workshops will take place on Monday, March 12, 8:00 - 11:30 am.

Workshop: Preventing and Addressing Data Center Security Threats

It's not about if it will happen, it's when it will happen! Is your data center ready to respond to a cyber-attack? Find out through a series of hypothetical (but plausible!) data center security breach scenarios. Workshop attendees will participate in hands-on "war games" to evaluate standard data center security response plans and where improvements need to be made in their own data centers. Through this interactive workshop, small groups will work together to learn about their company's ability to react to a security attack by exploring best practices for identifying, containing, communicating, and adjusting business strategies in the wake of a security breach.

Workshop: Data Center Capacity Optimization – for IT People Only!

Based on the popularity of last year's workshop, "Data Center Construction – for IT People Only," this year we will offer training specific for data center IT staff on capacity optimization. Have you been in a situation where IT says the data center is full but Facilities says otherwise? This hands-on workshop will explore capacity optimization through various real-life data center scenarios. After learning the key considerations and tools for capacity planning, participants will work in small groups to solve problems, and then compare their results with 3D models of the optimized solutions. Participants will walk away with a checklist to evaluate data center capacity which can also be used as a scorecard for comparing and benchmarking their own data centers.

Workshop: Finding your Sweet Spot: How to Select the Best Data Center Model

There are more data center delivery model options than there ever have been before and with that comes more fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Take a hard look at the pros/cons, considerations, and questions to ask to determine the right hybrid architecture for your data center: on-premises, colocation, cloud (public, private), or all of the above! Through small interactive workgroups, participants will utilize a check list of key questions to be answered in evaluating strategy alternatives to determine the best model option for any given business scenario.

Workshop offerings are subject to change.