Greg Stover

Software & Solutions Manager; Data Center Solutions, Western US


With over 30 years of IT and data center, infrastructure and IT efficiency and optimization expertise, Greg has a proven track record of pushing the technology innovation envelope with the leading Thermal, Power, Monitoring and DCIM Solutions.

As an evangelist for new technology, rapid change and continuous improvement, Greg has demonstrated a unique ability to coordinate disparate teams and bridge IT, Facilities and partner/vendor gaps while they work to solve the daily questions of Cloud, Colo, On-Prem, DR, EDG/IoT and whatever is next? All while ensuring reliability, resiliency, availability, optimal service and value to the business.

Greg lives in Southern California with his family. He is currently Software and Solutions Manager for the Western US and travels frequently to enable Enterprises, DC Operators and Partners to get the service/solutions they need, at the time they need it, on budget, the best way possible!


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