Carsten Baumann

Manager, North American Operations
Schneider Electric


Mr. Baumann is responsible for developing strategic alliances between the data center market and internal Schneider Electric business units. Prior, he supported the Consulting and Engineering community by advising on resource-optimized energy management solutions in the data center market. With his strong engineering background in the broadcast, telecommunications, AV and IT industry, he helped companies to position themselves for growth and success in these markets. Baumann held senior management positions with Barco, Leitch, Inc. (now Harris) and started his engineering career at JVC Professional as a systems and maintenance engineer. Additionally, Baumann’s knowledge and expertise has led to consulting positions with major broadcast corporations around the world, devising solutions to migrate and integrate their IT based digital infrastructures. Throughout his career, Baumann has developed and taught a number of classes on a diverse set of technological subjects in the fields of data centers, IT, telecommunications and signal processing and compression. His technical papers have been published in industry leading journals and he frequently speaks on national and international venues.
Baumann, who joined Schneider Electric in early 2012, serves as President on the board of AFCOM in Southern California, an organization for data center professionals. He was chairman for The Global Society for Asset Management (G-SAM). He maintains close affiliations with different trade and engineering organizations that serve the IT, data center and telecommunication markets. Baumann holds an electrical engineering degree from the Theodor-Litt-Schule in Giessen, Germany.


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