Jack Story

Chief Technologist / Distinguished Technologist


Jack Story brings more than 25 years of experience in the outsourcing and service provider industry, with experience in working with a broad client base building business solutions focused on business value creation. Jack has built cloud services and capabilities and served as CTO for a mid-tier data center / IT outsourcing company in addition to his 18+ years of experience with EDS.

His experience in strategy development spans the global needs of an outsourcing service provider and the unique strategies required to address a client’s business challenges and capabilities.

Story previously served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a company focused upon data center hosted IT services. While there, Jack conceived, architected, and launched the successful construction of a dynamically adaptive infrastructure capability. He also served as a Chief Technologist of the EDS Infrastructure Service Line, where he worked with clients and alliance partners in the identification and expansion of market needs to differentiate business capabilities. He provided thought leadership on the appropriate application of technologies balanced with the advancement of technology innovation.

Story serves on the Board of Directors for a data center focused advisory company. Previously, he served on numerous advisory councils/boards and often speaks at technology seminars, public sessions and advisor/analyst meetings on topics spanning innovation, outsourcing, alternative user and data experience, cloud computing, virtualization and hybrid compute models.


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