The "Energy Bunny" for Data Centers - Microgrids (Panel Session)

  • Monday, 04/03/2017: 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
  • Room: 515A
  • Session Number:  CE2:


Microgrids will change the energy landscape of data centers. Cutting edge implementations that lead to higher efficiencies, greater redundancy, better financials while exceeding social corporate responsibilities. Most Data Centers with back-up power generators could be considered Microgrids. However, the proliferation of renewable energy resources, energy storage, and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants require new thinking. Energy as a Service pushes the envelope of operations, financing, technology and its control. This diverse panel of end-user(s), regulatory representative(s) and vendor(s) will provide you with the must-to-know understanding of why Microgrids will challenge your thinking, and offer the next generation of modern energy management in all sizes of data centers.

Learning Objectives

1. How and why local renewable energy generation becomes a viable option to reduce energy charges at a data center.
2. Why Energy as a Service and Microgrid controlled energy storage reduces cost and increases reliability at a data center.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility offers possibility to increase competiveness.


Peter Asmus

Principal Research Analyst

Carsten Baumann

Manager, North American Operations
Schneider Electric

Phil Consiglio

Manager, Federal & Energy Related Services
Southern California Edison

Andy Haun

CTO Microgrids
Schneider Electric

Mick Wasco

Energy Program Manager
MCAS Miramar