Leveraging Telemetry for Data Center Efficiency

  • Thursday, 04/06/2017: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Room: 502B
  • Session Number:  MDCS11:


There are some fantastic new embedded sensors (in server silicon) available to help professionals understand the capability and impact of workload on servers and IT devices. Using this telemetry data requires the right extraction tools, assembling the data in a purposeful way to make better decisions on orchestration, assessing impact, and long term data center planning. In this presentation, learn how to access this new out of band utilization data without inhibiting server performance or developing agent solutions to monitor systems.

Learning Objectives

1. Find out how to compose more agile pools of datacenter resources
2. Simultaneously drive up IT efficiency, optimize energy requirements, increase datacenter resilience
3. Strengthen disaster recovery plans.


Stewart Dale

Sr. Software Application Engineer