Can You Accept the Risk of Not Going to the Cloud?

  • Tuesday, 04/04/2017: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Room: 515B
  • Session Number:  SEC9


AWS public cloud services are certainly attractive from cost and speed of deployment perspectives, but many people are overlooking another benefit - potentially better security than on-prem solutions.  Best in class physical security, extensive and mature platform security practices, broadly integrated event logs, and the availability of third-party automated analysis tools combine to enable a security posture that is improved over on-prem environments where the challenges of building great security don’t have these building blocks readily available.  Of course, multi-tenancy is still a consequence of public clouds and must be factored into any decision, but on balance, multi-tenancy risks seem to be more acceptable as these very real public cloud benefits start to become clear.

    Learning Objectives

    • Become aware of the various information sources made available by AWS in support of security
    • Understand how these sources re-focus the security challenge to a higher starting point
    • Understand how third parties, starting with this improved information availability, are producing security results often better and more durable than traditional on-prem security efforts


    Patrick Crowley

    Founder and CTO
    Observable Networks