ENERGIZE! The Quest for Improved Power Backup with Lithium Ion Batteries (Vertiv)

  • Thursday, 04/06/2017: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Room: 518
  • Session Number:  PIS 1:


Get ready to hear more facts than hype concerning Lithium Ion batteries for the data center. Join us as we delve into hard data and real examples about this emerging energy storage solution and how it can best be paired with large UPS systems. You’ll discover why all Lithium Ion batteries (LIB) are not created equal and the benefit of selecting among multiple LIB alternatives, each tested and validated with the specific UPS. We’ll tackle what to look for in chemistries, how LIBs are packaged, review cost models and evaluate operating parameters against lead-acid batteries so you can walk away with a true comparison to make the best decision for your organization.


Peter Panfil

Vice President of Global Power