Moving to a Hybrid Data Center Strategy – A View from Business and IT

  • Wednesday, 04/05/2017: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Room: 502B
  • Session Number:  MDCS3:


The COO and the AVP of IT of Concordia Plan Services will discuss the transition from a single outsourced provider model to a hybrid model of colocation, managed services, and cloud. They will share insights as to how and why this transition was pursued from an IT and as well as business perspective. Additionally, attendees will learn how this new model affects thinking and strategies as CPS looks towards the future.

Learning Objectives

Learn specific experiences in making a significant data center strategy transition
Learn how the business and IT worked together
Gain insights as to lessons learned during the process


William Hofrichter

Vice President and COO
Concordia Plan Services of the Lutheran Church

Mark Ross

Assistant Vice President
Concordia Plan Services