Bitcoin to Blockchain - The Power of the Underlying Technology

  • Monday, 04/03/2017: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Room: 511A
  • Session Number:  CE1:


Blockchain is the most disruptive technology to have emerged since the Internet, Mobile and Cloud that fundamentally alters the way business, governments and other entities run in a secure way. With foundations in cryptography and distributed processing, Blockchain decentralizes, dis-intermediates and simplifies processes and transactions thus offering tremendous value. The cloud and data centers are likely to be impacted the most with changes to underlying structures of internet, networks, storage and compute layers. The opportunity however is that the Blockchain’s need for computing and storage resources can be efficiently met only on the cloud. Data centers should position themselves for this and multi-layer the cloud.

Learning Objectives

1. Help understand Blockchain and its underlying principles and applications and sense how disruptive the technology is
2. How Data Centers in particular and Cloud in general would get impacted and how they should position to take advantage of Blockchain
3. Learn how Cloud and Data Centers should go about multi-layering the cloud to separate the distributed ledger aspects to a service and provide seamless integration to the rest of the cloud


Ravi Meduri

Vice President - Engineering Services
Innominds Software India Private Limited