Automation: Not Just for Devops!

  • Tuesday, 04/04/2017: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Room: 501A
  • Session Number:  IT3:


With the current hype around Devops and public cloud, it is easy to forget that automation offers huge advantages to private cloud and colocation providers too. This session will cover some automation functions that have proven useful in a private cloud setting over the last five years. We will also cover tips on deciding when automation makes sense, as well when it doesn't. Lastly, we will touch upon some of the advantages in agility offered by stateless computing, hybrid cloud and cloud bursting.

Learning Objectives

How to use automation to improve your private cloud offerings and ease of management.
When it makes sense to automate (and when it doesn't).
How to stay relevant in a public cloud-centric world.


Joel Sprague

Principal Systems Engineer
General Dynamics Information Technology