Too Much Fiber in Your System? – How Speed and Density are Demanding Elite Patching Solutions (Total Cable Solutions)

  • Thursday, 04/06/2017: 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
  • Room: 518
  • Session Number:  PIS 2:


No one likes managing a fiber jungle in the data center… Even a well-documented one!  And sorting through the dizzying array of options out there to help “tame” your fiber jungle can be time consuming. For most environments, network speeds continue to increase exponentially along with the cable counts in your cabinets. Using the same approach and products to organize your critical fiber connections may no longer be productive – or cost effective. Learn more about how our Elite fiber patching system uniquely addresses the performance demands of today/tomorrow along with the density and space constraints we’re all seeing in the data center today!


Tom Hodson

Solution Architect
Total Cable Solutions