Modeling Airflow in a Non-Raised Floor Data Center

  • Wednesday, 04/05/2017: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Room: 502A
  • Session Number:  DCDM4:


There is a growing trend towards non-raised data center designs. The idea is to save the cost of the raised floor and simply flood the room with cold air. But air is a lazy beast, especially when it is cold. In this session attendees will be shown a variety of data center designs and configurations that we have recently seen, and illustrate some of the issues often encountered in this type of design. CFD models of the “before” and “after” will be shown with resulting power consumption predictions.

Learning Objectives

Understand the pros and cons of raised floor vs non-raised floor data centers
Review of various designs used in non-raised floor data centers and issues they may encounter
Understanding of the airflow issues and patterns in a non-raised floor data center
Creative strategies and approaches to improve cooling performance in a non-raised floor data center.


Paul Bemis

Applied Math Modeling, Inc.