Data Center Energy Master Planning Reduces Energy & Maintenance Costs While Improving Reliability (CASE STUDY)

  • Monday, 04/03/2017: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Room: 502A
  • Session Number:  DCDM2:


For many data centers, energy costs are the second largest operational expense after employee salaries/benefits. Many leading data center executives are being encouraged to manage and reduce this ever growing expense. Creating and executing an Energy Master Plan for your data centers will save money, reduce maintenance costs, and increase reliability. This session will start by covering Energy Master Planning criteria, then shift towards execution strategies that increase budgets while leveraging utility energy efficiency programs. The session will finish with measurement and verification strategies to document the results achieved. Numerous case studies will be covered throughout each step of the Energy Master Planning process. The case studies will provide best-practices and lessons learned from a wide array of data center projects. Highlights of these case studies include: -93% reduction in HVAC energy (Published in Forbes) -Annual PUE improvement from a 2.64 to 1.10 -$240,000 annual savings project that paid for itself in one month -Many examples where equipment was installed incorrectly or operating towards critical failure

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives include:
1) Best practice approach to designing and executing a Data Center Energy Master Plan
2) Detailed approach to measurement and verification of energy impacts from projects
3) Lessons learned (good and bad) from data center case studies throughout the session


Geoffrey Overland

Critical Efficiency, Inc.

Michael Stachowiak

Principal Engineer
Critical Efficiency, Inc.