Track Definitions

Data Center World Global Los Angeles 2017 

THEME: Data, Automation, Scale: Building and Managing the Data Center of the Future

Data Center World is committed to bringing you the best, most relevant vendor-neutral education in the industry. With topics related to cutting edge trends, operations, security and risk management, and leadership strategy, we have education for every member of your data center team.

IT Infrastructure Technologies
There are more hardware and IT software choices than ever. Converged infrastructure? Hyperconverged infrastructure? What is the difference and why should you care? Things like software defined storage, software defined networking, and rack-scale architecture are transforming the way IT infrastructure is built and managed. The overarching goal is to simplify management of an ever more powerful and distributed infrastructure, and automation is key to reaching that goal.

Topics: Private cloud, hybrid, automation, DevOps, application containers, converged, hyperconvergence, storage hardware security, networking technology, software defined networking, rack scale architecture 

Data Center Design & Management

This track is about the underlying infrastructure that keeps servers inside every data center running around the clock. What are the best ways to design power and cooling infrastructure? What are the most cost and energy efficient ways to manage it? How to manage data center capacity? Collecting as much data as possible about your environment is becoming crucial to effective data center management, and proper instrumentation is just the first step. The next step is analyzing historical data and combining it with data gathered in real time to make day-to-day and long-term optimization decisions. This data-driven approach to data center management can ensure not only maximum efficiency but prevent unexpected failure.

Topics: Efficiency, power density, loads, cooling, DCIM, instrumentation for data collection, predictive analytics, automation

Modern Data Center Strategies

The way companies have to think about data center strategy has changed radically. Your data center strategy has to support rapid software deployment, mobile and global workforce, and services at global scale. Is your infrastructure ready to support roll-out of a new customer-facing application across multiple global regions tomorrow? Does your colo environment provide access to cloud service providers that can help you do that? Are you wasting money on moving data over long distances because you don’t have a good edge data center strategy? Renewable energy plays a bigger role in data center decisions than it ever has. What is your colo provider’s energy mix? This track is about finding that perfect mix of on-premise, colocation, and cloud services that will ensure you’re covered on all those fronts while remaining compliant with corporate and regulatory requirements.

Topics: Edge data centers, colocation trends, direct access to cloud services, interconnection, global connectivity, hybrid cloud/multi-cloud

Security, Data Sovereignty, and Risk Management
Risk management and security have always been a hot topic for data centers, but with industry compliance requirements tightening, cybercrime exploding, and companies operating infrastructure at global scale, each with its own data sovereignty regulations, it’s never been more important to have a deep understanding of the key issues. Join our security and risk management sessions to learn how to prepare your data center to deal with cybersecurity and risk management issues.

Topics: Compliance, data breaches, cybersecurity, data sovereignty, disaster recovery and operations, physical security, emerging legislation

The Cutting Edge

This track is about the next steps, technologies just starting to take hold that will have a profound effect on the data center industry. Here we will talk about the potential ways technologies like Blockchain, machine learning, silicon photonics, and the Internet of Things will impact the way we design, manage, and think about data centers.

Topics: Blockchain, IoT, machine learning, silicon photonics

Product Information Sessions
An in-depth look at key products and services from industry-leading suppliers. Ask technical questions and see product-specific presentations; then follow up by meeting with the company in their booth in the Data Center World exhibit hall.

Topics: Product/Company specific sessions presented by Data Center World Exhibitors.